1. De toxification:

De-toxification is the first part of the treatment. Medicines are given to treat withdrawal symptoms as well as other problems that often set in when drug and alcohol use is stopped. Other health problems are also addressed simultaneously. It takes generally 3 to 4 days for stabilizing after which they are allowed to participate in therapy program.

2. Therapy Program: -

it is generally for three weeks. And it includes

Lectures with participating activities. It is here the information is provided about alcohol and drug use, side effects and recovery process.

Group Therapy :- to reflect over the information given and relate it to one’s on life.

Counselling :- To discuss about personal problems, recovery plans and improved way of life.

Family Counselling: - To help family members to cope with the problem of alcoholism of their beloved ones. They are taught how to support the patient after the treatment.

Relapse prevention orientation. We focus on total and life long abstinence.

Exposure to AA and Al Anon.

Yoga therapy and meditation

Follow up sessions: - Regular follow up visits are necessary to ensure smooth recovery. Patients and family member are expected to personally meet or contact the centre over the phone at least once a month after the discharge. For treatment you may come in person or contact us over the phone or email. It is mandatory that a family member accompanies the patient at the time of admission and stays with the patient a day or two. Patient is not permitted to use tobacco or smoke while in treatment. Pay half of the payment at the time of admission. Treatment charges very from time to time. Hence contact the office to know the exact amount.