Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. It is mandatory that someone accompanies the patient and stays with him still he is stabilized.

Most patients require 3 to 4 days.

A good treatment is for 21 days. Anything short of 21 days is not recemented.

Doctor will asses your health condition and based on this you will be given treatment. We a physician, psychiatrist and an Ayurveda doctor. At the level of problems you will be given treatment.

We believe in humane approach. patients cooperation needed for a speedy recovery. No patient is locked up or kept here against his will.

No. since it is a residential programme patients stay with in the premises and not allowed to go out of the campus.

NO. you may feel alright in few days. But behavioural change takes time. So discharge will be on completion of 21 days. Anything short of 21 days is not recemented.

No. substance dependent patient require inpatient treatment. Recovery process includes medicine as well as therapy and it takes time .

Yes. Family accompaniment is encouraged.

No. we will be giving you medicines to make your withdrawal period Hussle free.

Yes. We have a psychiatrist visiting. He will help you with your psychological problems.

No. we will motivate him to take up treatment. If he is unwilling we will advise him to go back home to think about and return for treatment.

We offer medical as well as psychological treatment. Medicines are given for sleeplessness, poor appetite, tremors and other physical problems. Once he is physically fit, he will be asked to attend psychological therapy. To know more about psychological therapy please read our page on treatment.

We have answered few questions that you may have in mind.

If you need any further clarification, we will be happy to help.

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