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De-addiction Centre


  • Get well, Get back, and Go on
  • We treat your beloved ones with respect and dignity .
  • Here at Vachana Jyothi begin your sober life and we will we with you every step you take.
  • Our comprehensive treatment will help you to remain sober for the rest of your life.
  • Here we mentor lives irrespective of cast, creed and culture.
The objective of counselling: - counselling is given to the patients as well as family members. To provide information about addiction and its impact on self and the family
  • To help provide a safe environment to express their feelings and resolve their problems
  • To recognize their dysfunctional traits and change
  • To understand recovery as a process and extend the right support to the recovering person
  • Improve level of self-care
  • Fulfil one’s own responsibilities
  • Establish meaningful relationships with family and others
  • Develop spiritual strength
  • Feel valued and worthwhile irrespective of the patient’s recovery
  • Work on their own recovery
  • Provide appropriate kind of support to the patient
Support after treatment
Recovery from addiction is not just the cessation of alcohol / drug use. It also demands adjustment to a new way of life. This new way of life brings new stresses and hence the patient requires new coping skills. Therefore, during the initial stages of recovery, he needs guidance and support. To ensure this, follow-up services are provided totally free at vachana Jyothi for a period of two years.
Addiction is a chronic disease and therefore relapses may occur with the patient using alcohol or drugs again. These patients who have had a relapse often need short term help to stabilise their recovery.
Those who have relapsed with one or two days of drinking are provided out-patient detoxification or immediate admission for detoxification. This is for a period of three days with one counselling session to re-establish abstinence.
Sober meets
Sober meets are conducted every three months for our recovering addicts to provide life skill and peer support. It helps them to improve their family relationship and social networks. The concept of resilience recovery and behavioural changes are taught during such meetings. sobriety birthdays are also celebrated on such occasions.
Exposure to AA/ Al Anon
During the treatment days patients are taught the 12 steps AA methods to enable them to remain sober and help them to achieve lifelong sobriety. We have the regular AA / Al- Anon meetings on Sundays. The recovering addicts will come and share their experiences, strengths and hopes with each other that they may solve their common problems and recover from alcoholism.
Fellowships of relatives, wives, friends and family members of an alcoholic. Al Anon offers help and hope to all people who are affected by the alcoholism of their loved one. Since alcoholism is a family illness the sharing in the group helps the family members to cope with problem of co-dependency.

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