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What we offer

Treatment Programme

Alcoholism and drug addiction are treatable diseases.They are chronic and progressive diseases which create physical, social, emotional, financial ,and family problems. Here at vachanan Jyothi we believe that every addict if given timely treatment, counseling and support can quit any addiction for sure.

Objective of the Treatment -Total and lifelong abstinence from alcohol.

Treatment is a residential programme of 21 days.
Why 21 days? To acquire a habit you require 7 days. To quit that habit you need thrice that time.. During the 21 days programme the patient undergo, a multi disciplinary treatment programme under the supervision of a doctor, nurse, councellors, spiritual directors and social workers. Once a patient is admitted the withdrawal symptoms and health problems are medically taken care of.Once he is physically fit he will go through the therapy programme. Which include:-

  • Motivational and inspirational thoughts
  • Educative interactive lecture sessions
  • Group sharing and group activities
  • Individual and family counseling and guidance
  • Relapse prevention programme
  • Exposure to AA
  • Free follow up after the discharge
  • Sober meets every month

Admission For Treatment

You may be a person suffering from alcoholism or a family member of an alcoholic person looking for treatment. Then you should know that addiction is a treatable disease. If not given timely treatment and intervention, it is a progressive disease which will cause problems in all areas of life. Here at vachana jyothi it is our genuine experience that any addict when given timely treatment and guidance can quit addiction.Ours is a 30 bedded centre with committed personels.

How Can I get admitted?

  • For informations you may come in person. Or you may contact us at the given address, phone or email.
  • It is mandatory that a family member accompanies the patient at the time of admission and stays with the patient for a day or two,unless informed otherwise form the centre.
  • Patient is not permitted to go out during treatment unless for an urgent need accompanied by family members, with prior permission from the centre. 
  • Patient is not permitted to smoke or use tobacco or any addictive substances while in treatment.
  • Pay half of the fees at the time of admission
  • Treatment charges may vary from time to time hence contact the office to know the exact treatment coast. 

What to bring along?

  • Personal clothing,toilet articles and bed sheets.
  • For safety reasons valuables are not permitted.